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Network Administrators FAQ

Q1. What technology was used to develop this application?

A1. The application is based on Microsoft .Net Framework 3 with Microsoft SQL database and ASP.Net admin environments. The client application is purely Microsoft .Net Framework 3. There is also additional reporting on an ASP.Net web environment.

Q2. What is the login procedure? Is this secured and through digital certificate?

A2. Yes, Login is secure. There is no digital certificate for OTS clients, but it is encrypted and compressed (Two fish encryption algorithms). There is a digital certificate on the administration site.

Q3. How are logins created?

A3. Logins are created by the broker on a secure administration environment, using secure sockets layer (SSL) with a Thawte digital certificate.

Q4. Is this purely an Internet based application or are there client downloads?

A4. There are client side downloads:
a. Microsoft .Net Framework 3.0 (22.4 MB download 127 MB installed - Some users may already have this installed on their PC's and are not required to download it again)
b. OTS client (3.7 MB download 3.85 MB installed)

Q5. How is trade data passed through the internet? Is this through a secured socket layer or encrypted?

A5. Client trade data is passed through the internet using TCP/IP which is encrypted. Additional reporting on the website uses SSL and digital certificate (see point 3).

Q6. If encrypted, what kind of encryption methodology is applied? 64 bit or 128 K bit etc.

A6. Web interface 128 bit SSL encryption and OTS communication Two fish 128 bit block cipher encryption using a 256 bit key.

Q7. How are Logins maintained on your end?

A7. It is maintained by an administration environment behind secure login on SSL layer and digital certificates.

Q8. What are the procedures to activate and deactivate a login?

A8. Accounts can be locked completely (ie user cannot log in at all) or can be locked specific to exchange i.e. user can log in to SAFEX Financials but not to SAFEX Agricultural as part of the OTS functionality to be used as part of broker´s security rules and procedures.

Q9. Are there login activity reports and can these be obtained these on a daily basis?

A9. Broker administrator can view current sessions intraday and a record is kept of user logins. Additionally, an audit log is created and available to view by the broker. The logs are maintained in MS SQL database. Logs are kept online for a week. It is backed up and can be accessed on request for a further week after that, at which point it gets overwritten. The transactional data is kept indefinitely. Logs can be kept for longer periods on request.

Q10. What are the back up facilities and Disaster Recovery options?

A10. Backups and disaster recovery are in place on the main servers. These include RAID servers with redundant backup drives plus external database backups. Alternatively should there be general line failures, revert to telephonic orders.

Q11. Who are all the primary technical contacts?

A11 The Applied Derivatives technical contacts are: Marilet@derivative.co.za +27216718212.

Q12. Please explain the application invoking procedure.

A12. Port 8150 for has to be opened outbound to our server on any firewalls. Any workstation should be able to telnet to our server´s IP of on port 8150. Download and install .Net Framework 3.0 Install OTS Setup login information and log into SAFEX Setup trading screens (with the option of docking in preferred layout)

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